24 Oct

[blog] The Get Down vs. The Turn Up

[blog] The Get Down vs. The Turn Up

All too often you hear what sounds like bitter old people complaining about the party scene everywhere in the city of Toronto “People don’t dance any more, the just stand around listening to slow bass heavy trap music”

And if the sound bitter it is because they are!

Long gone are the days of just having innocent fun. Long gone are the days where drug dealers are the rappers as a scape route. Now the rappers are the fiends celebrating drug use through pill poppin and sedated states of function.

The youth aren’t solely to blame because you can find them in pockets of fun filled sub-genre’s like go-go, jersey club music or fun loving island soca music.

So what should they do? The best ways to get those house party days back is to have a “House Party” (hmmmm brainstorming).

Invite me to yours and stayed tuned to when I’m having mine.

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